Encounter 2001, It Begins 
Alien Abduction I am a 36 year old mother of 2. You have permission to post my experiences. I am thinking about finding a hypnotist. Ever since I was little I would have on occasion (maybe twice a year) what I called things. I would be doing something normal, like laundry whatever and a feeling of dread would overcome me. At the same time I would feel my mind trying to remember something, and I could almost see it, but then it (the memory) would be gone, like I could not grasp it. After these experiences, I wondered if the "things" I had were related to some type of abduction memories. I must also mention that in the past year and a half I have had some unpleasant anxiety attacks, and dread going to the doctor's office. (Which I HAVE to do periodically due to the Thyroid condition I was diagnosed with about a year and a half ago.)
This all started around 2001, while we were in the XXXXX house. I will start out with the most dramatic experience, that seems to have been the beginning of everything. One night I awoke about 3:00 A.M., terrified. I sensed two beings in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. I did not try to look at them because I was afraid of what I would see. I saw the glow of the clock and Jeff, (my husband) sleeping next to me. I tried to turn (I was on my stomach) to wake him up but I was paralyzed. I then tried to scream but no sound would come out. As I tried to assess my situation I felt that the creatures were discussing what they were going to do to me. I then noticed that the room stunk terribly and was thick with EVIL. I then thought that they must be evil spirits, so I told them with my mind (since I could not speak) "You have no right to be here, because I am a child of Jesus."
Immediately the oppression left and I fell, exhausted, back to sleep.
I told my family members about what happened, and that was that. The second incident was a few months later and I again woke up terrified, and sensed one of those things at the end of my bed. I was laying on my side and I could see the clock. I was paralyzed like the last time so I just started to ask Jesus to make it leave, over and over about 3 times, and it was gone and drained of energy, I fell back to sleep.
After these two incidents, I noticed that I had started to have other disturbances. One night I had fallen asleep and was awaken by a very loud buzzing noise. When I woke up it stopped. Another time I was awaken by my bed shaking quite violently. (Looking back, this could also be described as strong vibrations that I was a part of) As soon as I woke up it stopped. The buzzing time I even asked Jeff if he heard it and he said no.
During this same time, I had like a small dark freckle on my arm that I picked at, because it looked yucky and I would have rather had a scar then that black freckle on my arm. Well a day or a week maybe went by and I woke up one day and noticed that I now had 3 puncture's (one of them being where that freckle was), making a perfect triangle on my arm. I thought it was very strange indeed, but forgot about it.
During this same time period, I had awoken one morning to remember what was not like a dream but more like a memory of something (like a needle) being injected into my uterus, and being taken out. (No it was not sexual) I still remember the feeling. It did not hurt really, it almost tickled. I just thought "how weird."
This was in the same time frame that I had 2 periods in one month. I had my period, then two weeks later I started and had another complete period. I also remember spotting once during that time. I had never had before then, or since any period irregularities. (I wish I could say for sure if this was the same month I had the memory of the needle, but I can't recall.)
Next thing was I think November 2002 or 2003. Amiee (my daughter) and I decided to stay up for the meteor shower. We had a huge bay window at the old house with an excellent view for a long way. Amiee and I had all the lights out in the house and were sitting on the love seat at the bay window, armed with my Dad's binoculars. We started watching after midnight and saw a little bit but wanted to wait to see if the meteor activity got any better. I fell asleep for a little while & then woke up again.
It had to be about 2 a.m. and we were both looking out the window when we both saw, over in the neighbors field, just inside the trees an orange glow. It was as if someone had poured gas on a campfire and it got big, but then it got small real quick, then went out. I grabbed the binocs and started looking and next I saw like 3 white lights go up, up, above the treeline. The next thing I saw was what looked like a spotlight shine down toward my neighbors backyard, not far from where the orange light was. (Looking back on this I wonder why I was not more freaked out about this!)
Another time I was sleeping in bed and woke up and saw a small white light flash out my room out my window and up into the sky. I just laid there staring at what looked like a star in the sky outside my window, feeling as if the star was the light that was in my room and wondering what the heck that was all about.
Now most of these events I really did not give another thought, except for the first two, BUT RECENTLY I was telling Amiee (my daughter) about "Shadow People" that I had read about, but never seen. That was when she got all excited and told me that she had (at the old house) been in her room and just got into bed when she saw two Black figures, without features standing in her room staring at her. She said she hid under the covers and when she came back out they were still there. She said then they disappeared. This was during the time when all the other crap was going on.
Just the other day I was telling my dad about all the stuff, just how weird it was, and how I was reading other peoples stories online. When I was telling him about the triangle punctures on my arm, he told me he woke up with the same thing on his leg at the old house, 3 punctures in a triangle shape. He said he told me about it at the time, which I remember, but I did not look, I kinda blew him off and said oh it's probably a spider bite. Gosh I wish I would have looked!
Also at the time this stuff was happening, there was a blue truck with a guy like watching my road. He sat and just watched my road for about a week. I had the feeling he was watching me. The neighbors asked him what he was doing and he told them he was watching a house far down the road, due to some illegal activity. He did not say what house though. Very strange.
One more thing I want to mention. During and since that time, I have often been awaken by a horrible nauseated feeling. This is something that does not happen in regular waking hours (the nausea.) Makes me wonder if anyone else gets the nausea. This still happens.
I recently had a dream that my whole family was drawn to a window and there was a yellow ball of light coming. In this dream I was thinking" I can't look I don't want to see it." I was really freaked. The light had a horrible noise, sounded like a sick horror music like " eeee, awwww, eeee awwww." I woke up feeling drugged and horrified. I woke my husband up and he comforted me as he could see I was sweating like a pig. Very strange.
I must say I do not believe in ALIENS. I believe that these creatures are fallen angels, devils, demons, what have you.
Taken from direct testimony.
Name withheld due to privacy issues
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Witness testimony

Abduction in Florida, August 2, 2005

MUFON’s Mary Zimmer reports, On August 2, 2005, the witness called, saying that he had just awakened and was very, very thirsty even after drinking several bottles of water and wanted to tell me about what happened to him. He said that at 1 AM, he watched about ten minutes of the news broadcast and had an overwhelming urge to go out into the back yard. He saw an orange light above the retention pond in back of his yard.

He said, that the object that he saw was the same one that he saw over the Gulf, but it was straight across, not tilted and about 200 to 300 feet in the air. It was like a straight bar and pointed at the end, but it may have been a disk. The surface was orange, pulsating, beautiful, flowing like water.

There were three squares, then a space and then three more squares. It looked so large that he estimated that it could be covered by “a blanket unfolded”. He saw it for about 45 seconds and then it completely vanished. The night was silent with even the crickets not making noise. He found it hard to get back inside the house.

He made some noise coming back, but did not awaken the others in his house. He called me at 3:52 A.M., but “thought it was earlier”, about 1:20 A.M.. There was missing time of two hours and forty-two minutes, during which apparently an abduction took place.

Thomas became very thirsty after this, drinking four or five 16 oz. bottles of water at once. He later suffered from vomiting, diarrhea and inability to urinate. None of his neighbors had seen the object.

On August 4, he noticed a slight burning sensation on his chest and discovered a small red triangle just below the skin. His doctor didn’t know what it was, but didn’t think it was anything to worry about. The doctor did find that his Triglycerides were dangerously high, 410, (normal 40 to 200) and said that he could be at risk for a stroke or heart attack.

The doctor also found that his Electrolytes were extremely low, and advised him to drink PediaLite and to eat only fruit and vegetables.

The family had gone to Cape Canaveral to see the space shuttle return. At a lunch with the astronauts, Thomas’ niece asked about drinking Tang. The astronaut said that they no longer drank it, but used a different formula because they had found that weightlessness caused a decrease of electrolytes in the human body.

This may be significant to Thomas because his electrolytes were very low after an apparent abduction. The witness was fearful of a little girl with dark eyes in the doctor’s waiting room, because her eyes made him afraid as did people who wore sun glasses. Thanks to MM Zimmer and MUFON Case Management System.

A forensic scientific approach should be a key part of our investigative arsenal in examining abduction cases.

source and references:

Mary Zimmer

Francis Abductions Ongoing in New Jersey,
MULLICA HILL – Investigator Evelyn Galson writes, “On February 5, 2004, George Filer and I went to talk to Ann Francis, and investigate more about her experiences. She was open and friendly and seemed very sincere. She revealed to us many things that her family had been experiencing.
Ann Francis- 35 years old
James Francis- 40 years old
Steven Francis - 4 1/2 years old- son
Michele Francis 1 1/2 years old- daughter
Ann Francis has had some college, she was also a member of Mensa for very high IQs. The society welcomes people from different walks of life whose IQ is in the top 2 % of the population. She left college and ended her studies because she wanted to get married, but is now planning to return and take classes in physics.
When she was a young child she lived in Pennsville, N.J. on a dead end road surrounded by woods and a swamp. She was told never to go into the woods by her Mom. When she was three years old, she was taken out through the window of her bedroom by two beings. These beings looked like Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the cartoon called The Flintstones.
She was taken high above the trees, down below she saw a round ship on the ground with an opened hatch. Standing in the open hatch she saw a tall Gray with long arms and legs. She had, also, seen another ship just above the ship that was on the ground, but high in the sky.
As she watched she saw trucks with canvas tops coming down the road she lived on. The beings that had her changed their appearance, they were now small Grays. They kept her just below tree level moving her in and out as if to hide her, they didn't want her to be seen.
She doesn't know what happened in between this time period, it is a little unclear. The next thing she remembers is being dropped from above and falling onto her bed. (As an adult she realized the trucks were military vehicles.)
When she was a young girl she had a game she played with her sister. She had the ability to locate people if she concentrated on them. Her sister would go in her room and Ann could tell her exactly were she was in the room at different times. This really made her sister nervous, because she couldn't understand how she was doing it. Ann didn't know how she did it either, just that she was able to do it.
Ann’s grandparents lived in Glassboro, N.J. and she remembers playing in the backyard with neighborhood children and seeing small triangular shaped flying objects with lights and buttons on them and two handles on the front. She remembers that the children could fly and ride on them. They were young, so they didn't question their ability to fly or where they came from.
NEW YORK - When Ann was older she was still having experiences while living in New York, she was taken up into a ship and was told by gray aliens to remember what she was seeing. Looking out the window of their ship, she could see into the windows of a huge craft that was right next to them and she could see people and Grays.
On another day, as she was walking in the city and passed a store window with a photo of Whitley Strieber, the author of “Communion,” she became very upset because she knew him, and remembers seeing him on one of the ships when she was taken. She wrote to him and told him about it.
She said that she has seen humans on ships and they were working with the aliens. She remembers being taken to a desert like place in a valley, with Pueblo Indian type buildings. On the inside there were four sets of four cubic areas, the walls could close, but there was no ceiling on top of these cubic areas. There was a bed and a sink and a place to put things. She was shown a dining hall and bathrooms for men and another for women.
The complex appeared to be a training base where people were being taught by the aliens. She remembers sitting at a curved panel, it had lights and small knobs on it. There was an oval object in the panel which she would place her hand on and move it around apparently learning to fly their craft. She knew this place was a Training Camp, and she was being trained as were the others but she didn't know exactly what she was being trained for. She remembers hearing in her mind a comment by a Gray, that "They are training well." The Investigation Continues.
Thanks to Evelyn Galson
Filer's Files

1988, DNA Sample From Khoury Abduction Raises Big Questions

 Mystery Blonde Leaves Hair Behind -- But Who Was She?
An abduction case from Australia has resulted in what may be the world's first DNA test of abduction-related biological material.
The intriguing results raise many questions about the physical nature of abduction and also illustrate the need for more intensive scientific research on this worldwide mystery.
The full case report by leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker was published in the Spring 1999 edition of International UFO Reporter, the quarterly journal of the Chicago-based J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). The following summary is published with Chalker's permission and assistance.
Peter Khoury, the subject of this case, was born in Lebanon in 1964 and moved to Australia in 1973. There he met his future wife Vivian at school in 1981. Peter and Vivian were married in 1990 and now have two children. They live in Sydney. Peter works in the building trades and has owned his own business in cement rendering.
Peter and Vivian had their first UFO experience in February 1988, a simple sighting of unusual moving lights. But in July of that year, Peter had a deeply disturbing, consciously remembered contact experience that, he says, changed his life. While lying on his bed, he felt something grab his ankles. He suddenly felt numb and paralyzed, but remained conscious.
Then he noticed three or four small hooded figures alongside the bed. He experienced telepathic communication with one or more of these beings; he was told to relax and not be afraid because "it would be like last time." He then saw that they were about to insert a long needle into the side of his head, whereupon he blacked out.
He jolted awake some time later, leaped out of bed and ran into the living room where he found his father and brother apparently dozing. Both he and his brother felt that only 10 minutes had passed since they had last been awake, but they soon realized that an hour or more had passed. The next morning, Peter and Vivian noticed that there was an obvious puncture mark on the side of his head, with a trace of dried blood.
At this time, Peter had never heard of alien abduction. His memories were vivid and alarming, but he could find neither answers nor comfort from friends and acquaintances. Then, some months later, he and Vivian drove by a roadside billboard with an image of Whitley Strieber's book "Communion," and they immediately got the book. Peter found numerous details in Strieber's account that matched his own strange experience.
Peter's subsequent attempts to connect with local UFO groups and experiencers proved frustrating. Eventually, in April 1993, he resolved to found a new group in Sydney, the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA), dedicated to helping people understand and cope with their unusual encounters. He remains the coordinator of that group today.
In July 1992, Peter had the experience that became the focus of this case study. Because the experience had disturbing sexual aspects, Peter was very reticent to talk about it. He first mentioned it to Bill Chalker, one of Australia's leading researchers, in 1996. He showed Chalker that he had recovered an unusual strand of hair from the encounter.
At the time, Chalker felt he could not do anything with the physical evidence, but over the next several years, he assembled a group of scientists and forensic investigators willing to work on UFO-related cases.
With his "invisible college" associates, Chalker discussed the possibility of doing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and sequencing of mitochondrial DNA that might be recovered from Peter Khoury's hair sample. In early 1998, these researchers -- now calling themselves the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group -- agreed to do the DNA testing on the hair sample.
Chalker points out that "alien" beings are most often described by experiencers as having no visible hair. But one type -- sometimes called "Nordic" -- is described fairly often as having distinctly human-like features including hair, often (though not always) blond in color.
A number of well-known abduction cases have involved human-looking beings with hair, including the 1975 abduction reported by Travis Walton in Arizona, and the 1957 Brazilian abduction reported by Antonio Villas Boas. Peter Khoury's case has some similarity to that of Villas Boas, who said he was forced to have sex with an aggressive humanoid female aboard a landed UFO.

Khoury told Chalker that his encounter of July 23, 1992 began at 7:30 in the morning while he was in bed. He had recently been injured at work and was taking pain medication. Earlier that morning, he had driven his wife to work, then returned home and went back to bed for a short while. Suddenly, he bolted wide awake and sat up. There were two humanoid females sitting on the bed, both entirely naked.

These two women looked human in nearly every way. They had well proportioned adult bodies. One looked somewhat Asian, with straight dark shoulder-length hair and dark eyes. The other looked perhaps Scandinavian, with light-colored ("maybe bluish") eyes and long blond hair that fell half-way down her back. Her hair was especially notable to Peter Khoury. "I had never seen a hair style like that. It was curled something like Farrah Fawcett, but to an extreme... It just looked really exotic in a way," he told Chalker.

But Khoury felt that these women were not exactly human. Their faces were somewhat odd -- not unattractive, but too chiseled, with very high cheekbones and eyes that were two or three times larger than normal. Khoury took special notice of the blonde. Her face was too long, he felt. "I have never seen a human looking like that," he said.

The blonde, who was sitting in a kneeling position on the bed, seemed to be in charge. Khoury thought she was communicating telepathically with the dark-haired woman, who was sitting with her legs partly folded under her. There was something stiff, almost blank, in the expressions of the women, Khoury thought.

Though stunned by the sudden appearance of the women, Khoury had only a few moments to consider how they could possibly have arrived in his bedroom before the blonde reached out with both her hands and cupped the back of his head, drawing his face toward her chest. He resisted. She pulled harder.
He kept pulling back. "She was pretty strong," he told Chalker. "She pulled me over and my mouth was basically on her nipple. And I bit."
Khoury said he doesn't know why he bit the woman, but even though he felt a small piece of her nipple come away in his teeth, she did not cry out. But "the expression on her face was like, 'this isn't the way.' In a way it was shock or confusion... She looked at the Asian one... and looked at me like, this isn't the way it's supposed to happen. You've done this wrong."
Involuntarily, Khoury swallowed the small fragment in his mouth, and it caught in his throat. He went into a coughing fit. Suddenly, the two women simply disappeared.

Once he realized the women were gone, he tried to clear his throat by drinking water. It didn't work. Then he had an urge to go to the bathroom. He realized that his penis felt very painful. Standing in the bathroom, he pulled back the foreskin and found two thin blond strands of hair wrapped tightly around.
He struggled to unravel the pieces of hair as the pain became an intense burning sensation. Finally he managed to removed the two pieces of hair and immediately put them in a small sealable plastic bag.

"The reason I did that was because I knew that there was no way, no way at all, that a hair that size and wrapped around the way it was should have been there.... Thinking of these women, the thing in my throat, the hair, something bizarre had just happened." Khoury resolved to keep the hair sample in case it should ever prove useful in shedding light on his experiences.

The thing in Khoury's throat stayed there for three days. He coughed constantly. He tried clearing his throat with water, bread, anything he could think of, but nothing helped. On the third day, the feeling in his throat just went away.

He did not want to tell his wife how his coughing fit had come about, but two weeks later he decided to tell her. "I was shocked," he told Chalker. "She accepted it better than I did."

The pieces of hair, carefully stored away since the encounter, became the subject of the first openly-reported scientific DNA test on a possible abduction-related sample.
The blond hairs were extremely thin and almost clear in color. It was determined that the hair was not chemically treated, because if it had been, little or no mitochondrial DNA could have been recovered. However, using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process, good quality DNA was recovered.
For comparison, samples were also taken of Peter Khoury's hair and that of his wife Vivian. DNA was successfully extracted from Peter's hair, but no usable DNA was recovered from Vivian's hair, possibly because of chemical treatment.
After thorough testing of the hair samples, the scientists of the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group arrived at a startling conclusion. The thin blond hair, which appeared to have come from a light-skinned caucasian-type woman, could not have come from a normal human of that racial type. Instead, though human, the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare sub-group of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type.
A detailed survey of the literature on variations in mitochondrial DNA, comprising tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other people on record with all five of the distinctive markers in the blond hair. All four were Chinese, with black hair.
Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child and therefore offers a means of tracing ancient ancestry on the mother's side. The findings suggest that all four of the Chinese subjects share a common female ancestor with the blonde woman. But there is no easy explanation for how this could be.
Testing for nuclear DNA, if such could be recovered from the blond hair, would be more complex and expensive than the tests run so far, but might show that the lineage of the blonde's father was even stranger than that of her mother. But such testing must await funding that has yet to be found. So far, the members of the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group have financed all their work themselves.
Without the blond hair sample, the story told by Peter Khoury is but one more in an almost endless sequence of wrenching, but unprovable, abduction accounts. The hair, however, changes everything. It undeniably exists, and thorough forensic testing shows that it is anomalous. It seems likely that no person with blond hair and an exact DNA match to Khoury's blonde could be found in the city of Sydney, nor on the continent of Australia, nor -- probably -- anywhere in the world.
Who then was the being whose blond hair inexplicably became wrapped around Peter Khoury's penis?
"Are we dealing with 'humans' from elsewhere, namely those with human DNA, albeit very rare and somewhat anomolous?" asks Bill Chalker. "This case raises all sorts of issues, such as human 'panspermia'" -- the theory that human-like beings may have migrated to Earth in the fairly recent past from elsewhere in the galaxy, perhaps giving rise to the sudden appearance of modern homo sapiens sapiens, a species not directly descended from their immediate predecessors, the Neanderthals.
"Also, given the Asian mongoloid connection, we looked at the problem of European-like rare Asian types in the past," Chalker says. "The controversial saga of the Taklamakan mummies in remote Western China is turning the early history of China on its head. These mummies include people who are quite tall, some 6 feet or so, and some are blond. I'm not suggesting a connection here, but you can understand this investigation has opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities about the biological nature of some of the beings implicated in abduction cases."
These questions will not be easy to answer. But supporting the work of the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group could help. Those able to offer financial assistance are urged to contact Bill Chalker at for more information.
written by Bill Chalker
Originally published: 1999 edition of International UFO Reporter (CUFOS quarterly)


The UFO phenomena is generally given little if any serious consideration by those engaged in credible scientific studies. Without a doubt many so-called UFO sightings can easily be dismissed as misidentified craft, stars, planets, or just plain hoaxes perpetrated by thrill or money seeking individuals. Many books and studies have given us statistics on UFO reports, and roughly about 95% of the sightings can easily be explained away.
Considering the great distances between stars, it is very easy to assume that the odds of a visit from another intelligence are extremely low. These assumptions are based, however, upon the extent of our knowledge, and should another race visit us, they would most certainly possess a higher degree of intelligence than we do. We are trying to judge a possibility while handicapped by the limits of what we know today.
The 1993 release of the movie "Fire In The Sky" was intriguing to many who had waited for a screen presentation of Travis Walton's book by the same name. D. B. Sweeny and James Garner offered the film veteran actors. Those familiar with the actual story were less than impressed with the film's inability to take the full account to the screen.
Those who were not privy to the actual story may have thought it only fiction. There are some great sets, and special effects, but the story is not done justice. My goal in this article, is to present the facts behind the movie; the real story of the abduction of Travis Walton. I ask only one thing of you the reader, reserve final judgment until you have read all the facts.
Apache Sitgreaves National Forest This baffling UFO case began on November 5th, 1975, in northeastern Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. A logging crew of 7 men were working on a government contract, clearing forest. The men loaded into a single pickup truck leaving work for the day. As they started their journey home they saw, not far from the road, a "luminous object, shaped like a flattened disc."
All of the men agreed that Travis Walton, captivated by the sight, left the truck to get a closer look. While gazing up in awe at the object, suddenly a brilliant, bluish light struck him and threw him to the ground some distance away.
This event caused the other crew members to flee the scene in fear for their lives. After arguing among themselves, they decided to go back and see if they could help Travis. Returning to the scene, they found no trace of the craft, or Travis.
A personal friend of Travis', Mike Rogers, was the crew foreman, and driver of the truck. According to Rogers, as the men fled the scene, he looked back and saw a "luminous object" lift out of the forest, and disappear toward the horizon. Rogers and the other 5 workers eventually would take a lie detector test. The men passed the examination, save for one inconclusive, and soon the case exploded into the national spotlight.
Walton reappeared five days later, confused and scared, with fleeting memories of alien entities, and descriptions of the inside of their craft.
He was also subsequently subjected to a number of polygraph examinations. The Travis Walton event would soon become the very first abduction case to be given serious consideration by many credible scientists. His story would force the general public to reevaluate previously close minded opinions on the subject.
The six witnesses, Allen Dalis, Dwayne Smith, John Goulette, Kenneth Peterson, Mike Rogers, and Steve Pierce, of this controversial case, described the craft in personal, yet similar terms. Rogers' description depicts the craft as a "large, glowing object hovering in the air below the treetops about 100 feet away."
Dwayne Smith described the craft as "smooth and giving off a yellowish-orange light."
Additional eyewitness accounts added the following: "unbelievably smooth," "a flattened disc with "edges clearly defined."
Walton and Rogers both estimated that the craft was about 20 feet in overall diameter.
Travis Walton, c. 1975 The details of the event quoted from the investigator's report are as follows: As Walton approached on foot across the clearing, the "UFO began to wobble or rock slightly," and then emitted a "bluish light from the machine... a blue ray shot out of the bottom of that thing and hit him all over," "that ray was the brightest thing I've ever seen."
This light sent Walton "backward through the air ten feet," "hurled through the air in a backwards motion, falling on the ground, on his back," "flying -- like he'd touched a live wire."
"The horror was unreal."
Polygrapher Cy Gilson relates from his documents the following:
Testimony from Allen Dalis: "During the pretest interview, Mr. Dalis related the following events that occurred on that day. Mr. Dalis said they had finished work for the day and were heading home. It was almost dark. He saw a glow coming from among the trees ahead of them.
As they came to a clearing, he saw an object he called a UFO. Mr. Rogers was slowing the truck down to stop as Travis Walton exited the truck and began to advance towards the UFO in a brisk walk...
Mr. Dalis described the UFO as being a yellowish-white in color. He said the light emitting from it was not bright, but a glow that gave off light all around itself.
Mr. Dalis saw Walton reach the UFO, stop and look up at it.
He said it looked as if Walton was standing there, slightly bent over, with his hands in his pockets.
Mr. Dalis said the UFO began to wobble or rock slightly and he began to become afraid. He put his head down towards his knees. As he did so, a bright light flashed that lit up the area, even the inside of the truck.
He immediately looked towards the UFO. He saw a silhouette of Walton. Mr. Walton had his arms up in the air... Mr. Dalis turned towards Mr. Rogers who was in the driver's seat and yelled for him to "get the hell out of here..."
Sworn testimony by Mike Rogers: "... he was on the opposite side of the truck from the UFO. He had to bend over slightly to view it in its entirety through the truck windows. He described the UFO to be glowing a yellowish-tan color. He could not say if the light emanated from within the UFO, or was a lighting system outside, that lit up the UFO.
He did say he could see the shadows of the trees on the ground, around the UFO. He said it was round and about 20 feet in diameter.
He said the UFO was about 75 to 100 feet from the truck...
As Mr. Rogers started to move the truck, a brilliant flash of light lit up the entire area, even inside the truck. It was described as a prolonged strobe flash. He did not see a beam of light emit from the UFO and hit Walton.
As the flash occurred, Mr. Rogers turned around in his seat to look at the UFO again and saw Mr. Walton being hurled through the air in a backwards motion, falling on the ground, on his back. At this time, Mr. Dalis and someone else yelled to "get the hell out of here..."

Upon returning to the scene, the crewmen searched briefly through the woods, calling Walton's name. They then proceeded down to the main road and after some debate, decided to call the police and ask for assistance. They were first met by a Deputy Ellison and subsequently by Sheriff Marlin Gillespie, who would later describe the crewmen as apparently sincerely distressed. The officers and crewmen went back up the hill and searched again with flashlights, eventually calling off the search and making plans for a more thorough manhunt beginning early the next morning.
The next several days were marked by unsuccessful searches for the missing Walton, including some use of helicopters and dogs. Temperatures dropped below zero the first two nights of the search, creating fear that, if Walton was injured and disoriented, he may not survive.
Meanwhile, law enforcement officials were looking for alternate explanations of the event, including thepossibility that Walton had been murdered.
Law enforcement, looking for a more believable explanation than a flying saucer, began a thorough investigation of the facts. All six remaining members of the crew were questioned over and over again. Family members and friends were also interrogated.
One fact that colored this questioning was that all of the men were unlearned, everyday working people, noted to be a little "rough around the edges."
This, of course, is a typical assumption by some that those who have not been successful financially in this world are all liars, cheats, and can't be trusted.
One common theory at the time was that Dalis and Walton had fought, and that Dalis had either accidentally or purposely killed Walton, and hid his body. The problem with this theory was that if a murder had taken place, why would the other 5 crewmen risk the fires of justice to cover for Dalis.
A second theory put forth at the onset was that possibly all of the crewmen had been involved in some kind of brawl or argument, and accidentally killed Travis, hiding his body somewhere in the vast forest.
If this was true, why concoct a story involving a UFO abduction, being one of the most unbelievable stories one could put forth.
Another scenario offered by some was that since the crew was behind on their government contract, they were looking for an excuse to get out of it. Again, why this most bizarre story?
In their initial reports, the 6 crewmen had indicated a willingness to undergo any kind of lie detection test to establish their truthfulness. After the second day of searching, law enforcement officials brought in Cy Gilson, a polygraph examiner from the Department of Public Safety (associated with the state police), to test all the crewman.
Five of the witnesses passed this polygraph examination, while for the sixth, Allen Dalis, the test was ruled inconclusive (unable to assign a reading).
While the successful tests fueled media interest in the case, the inconclusive result for Dalis put some heat on him personally. While some of the crew members, such as Rogers and Walton, had been friends long before the forest service brush-clearing contract, the others were only acquaintances, and in the case of Allen Dalis, he and Walton were said to have had some personal animosities between them.
If Walton had been involved somehow in a conspiracy to deceive authorities, he certainly left his closest family members out of the loop. At approximately 1:30 AM on the morning of Nov. 6, crew members Coplan and Rogers went to notify Walton's mother, Mary Kellett, of her son's disappearance.
Mrs. Kellett's calm response upon being awakened and told her youngest son had been kidnapped by a UFO was "Well, that's the way these things happen," and then she proceeded to described two instances when she and her oldest son, Duane, had also seen UFOs.
Later that morning (approximately 3:00 AM) when Mrs. Kellett told Walton's sister, Mrs. Grant Neff, that "a flying saucer got him [Travis]," Mrs. Neff surprised Coplan with how calmly she also took the news. The rest of that day was taken up by an extensive search of the area where Walton had disappeared.
Curiously absent from the site was any physical evidence of anything happening, in spite of the "explosive" force of the blue-green beam. No blood, no shreds of clothing, no evidence of the blast effects was found by any of the nearly fifty searchers involved. Neither was any evidence found of any violent confrontations among the crew members. There was no trace of Travis Walton.
For as many UFO proponents there are, there are that many and more debunkers. The authorities tried to keep the scene of the incident for serious forensic examination, but the mass influx of people, not only local, but world-wide, made this an impossibility. The crewmen's stories were treated with mixed opinion.
Some marveled to hear what they had seen, and some called them "pranksters" and "liars."
Some even went as far as to suggest that the whole account was nothing more than a joke gone bad, and that Travis was hiding somewhere and would suddenly reappear on cue. At this stage of the investigation there was one question on the minds of all involved, whether friend or foe;
Where was Travis Walton?

The last thing that Walton remembered about the incident in the woods was the feeling of going backwards, and then nothing. Nothing that is, until he awoke in pain, frozen in pain, with an overwhelming thirst. Slowly making out the image of some kind of light, he comes to the realization that he is lying on a table of some kind.
Still very weak, Walton realizes "Oh, My God, the hospital, they brought me to the hospital." Sweating from the moist humid air, he finds that he is uncomfortable because he is still in his work gear, and his jacket is pushed up under his arms. "I wonder why the nurse didn't at least take my jacket off?"
Feeling a strange looking device curved around his body, he tries to focus his vision on the blurry figures of the doctors and nurses who certainly had come to his aid. His vision clearing, he suddenly sees who is there; to his shock he is staring into the face of a... horrible creature!
There were three of them, gazing right back at him with luminous brown pupils the size of quarters. Travis attempts to push one of them away with what little strength he has at the time. Strangely the creature shoots backward with ease. "It felt spongy and soft," he would later relate. Bringing himself to his feet, Travis readied himself for a fight, like a caged animal. Looking for something to defend himself with, he grabs an unfamiliar looking tube and tries to scare his captors with it.
Screaming to the three entities, "Keep back, damn you!" they stopped in their tracks. The beings were a little under 5 ft. in height, with a basic humanoid appearance. They were thin, puny, covered with marshmallow looking skin. Their small hands were delicate and without nails. Totally bald, their heads were disproportionately large for their little bodies.
The only facial features that didn't appear underdeveloped were those incredible eyes! Those glistening orbs had brown irises twice the size of those of a normal human's eye, nearly an inch in diameter! The iris was so large that even parts of the pupils were hidden by the lids, giving the eyes a certain catlike appearance. There was very little of the white part of the eye showing. They had no lashes and no eyebrows. Their little mouths never moved. Travis was ready for the fight of his life. Suddenly, inexplicably, the aliens left the room through an open door. "I have to get out of here," he thought.
Looking through a curved hallway opening from the room, he saw no one in sight. Frantically searching as he moved, he passed a doorway, and then thought; "Should I go back, did I miss a chance to escape?" Cautiously approaching the room, he looked in and saw a circular room with a domed roof, and three rectangular doorways which were shut.
The room was empty except for one chair facing away from him. Could someone be sitting in the chair, out of his view? He circled the room, watching the chair, never wanting to see one of those hideous creatures again. Finally convinced that the chair was unoccupied, he began to move toward it.
A strange thing began to happen! The closer to the center of the room he got, the darker the room became. Small points of light began to appear on, or through, the wall of the room. He could see stars!
Depiction of Sighting, Drawing by Mike Rogers Experimenting with strange looking controls on the chair, he felt afraid that he might draw attention to himself, so the got up, and left the chair. As he walked to the edge of the room, the stars which were once visible faded out, and the surfaces of the wall, ceiling, and floor became visible.
Approaching one of the rectangular doors, he searched for some kind of control to open it, but found none. Walking back to the chair, Travis hears a faint sound, a door opens, and standing before him is a human being!
This man was over 6 ft tall, and muscularly built. Running up to him, Travis starts asking questions. No sound came from the "man." The man took Travis by the arm, leading him down a narrow hallway. Stopping in front of a door that suddenly opened itself, they entered a small, bare room. Again Travis tried to get a response from the man, but his efforts fell on deaf ears.
Travis spent only a couple of minutes in the small room, and then another doorway opened. From the opened doorway, nice fresh air came in. Next Travis proceeded down a ramp to a floor. Looking back he could see the craft that he had just exited. This craft was much larger than the one he had seen in the woods. He estimated the diameter at about 60 feet.
He had now left the large craft, and entered a large room. Within this room he could see several other smaller saucer-type crafts. Travis was now taken through a hallway to another set of doors, which also automatically opened. Through this door he entered a totally white room with a table and a chair. Travis' attention was immediately drawn to three other humans in the room.
This time there were two men and a woman. These three had similar characteristics to the first human he had seen. All four of them had a family like similarity. Travis again tried to initiate a conversation, but again to no avail. Travis asked a couple of questions along the lines of; "Would somebody please tell me where I am?" "What in hell is going on? What is this place?"
The woman and one of the men took Travis by the arm and led him to a table. Travis became frightened wondering what they were going to do. All three of the men gently pushed Travis back on the table. The woman had an object that resembled an oxygen mask, yet no tubes were attached to it, only a small black golfball sized sphere.
Travis tried to push the mask away, but suddenly felt weak, and next came nothing but blackness. One thought came to him before consciousness left him; "What happens next?"
Back in town, the investigation of the disappearance of Travis Walton was nothing short of mass confusion. The town of Snowflake had been swamped by newspaper and television reporters from all over the world. Everybody took a side. It seemed at the time that opinions were equally split. One side thought; "This whole mess will be over as soon as they find his body." The other side thought; "Where in the world is Travis hiding, and when will he come back?" Neither side had long to wait.
The continuing search for Travis turned up absolutely nothing except innuendo and theory. All speculation would be put to the test, when 5 days after allegedly being hit with a beam from some sort of unusual flying craft, Travis suddenly reappeared.
Travis stated; "Consciousness returned to me on the night I awoke to find myself on the cold pavement west of Heber, Arizona. I was lying on my stomach, my head on my right forearm. Cold air brought me instantly awake. I looked up in time to see a light turn off on the bottom of a curved, gleaming hull. As I raised my head up, a white light caught my eye just before it blinked off. Either a light had been turned off or a hatch had closed, cutting off the light from inside. I only caught a glimpse as I raised my head; I could not be sure which it was."
Travis continued: "Then I saw the mirrored outline of a rounded, silvery disc hovering four feet above the paved surface of the road. It must have been about forty feet in diameter because it extended several feet off the left side of the road. It was too large for the highway and it extended past the roadside to my left to clear a cutaway rock embankment on the other side of the highway. It appeared to be about fourteen feet high in the center."
Travis continued; "For an instant it floated silently above the road, a dozen yards away. I could see the night sky, the surrounding trees, and the highway center line reflected in the curving mirror of its hull. I noticed a faint warmth radiating onto my face. Then, abruptly, it shot vertically into the sky, creating a strong breeze that stirred the nearby pine boughs and rustled the dry oak leaves that lay in the dry grass beside the road. It gave off no light; and it was almost instantly lost from sight. The most striking thing about its departure was its quietness. It seemed impossible that something so large, moving through the atmosphere at such speed, would not have shrieked through the air, or even broken the sound barrier with a sonic boom. Yet it had been totally silent!"
"I scrambled shakily to my feet. My legs felt rubbery. I swayed, then caught my balance. I looked around and recognized the deserted stretch of curving road as the highway that wound down the canyon into Heber from the West. I ran wildly down the deserted highway, across the bridge into Heber, stopping at the new building across from the Union 76 service station.
No one answered my desperate knocking. No cars passed by. I ran down the highway, over the second bridge, to the row of telephone booths at the Exxon station. I dialed the operator (a dime was not required to reach an operator in our part of the country) and panted out the number of my sister. She was the only nearby relative with a telephone. My brother-in-law Grant answered."
"It was 12:05 A.M. I was in an incredible mental state, difficult to describe. As best I can remember, I shouted something like: 'They brought me back!' Then I babbled, I'm out here in Heber, please get somebody to come and get me! My hand shook as I held the cold receiver. Grant was not amused. He took this call to be another cruel joke. Uh, I think you have the wrong number, he replied sarcastically, starting to hang up."
Travis Walton 1998 "Wait! It's me, Travis!" I screamed hysterically into the receiver. "Where are you?" he asked, still suspicious of a joke. "I'm at the Heber Exxon station." "Okay," he replied, almost apologetically, yet still cautious of a prank. "Stay right there. I'll come and get you. Just hang on."
Grant drove the three miles from Taylor over to Snowflake and found my brother Duane at Mom's house. He told Duane about the call, and of his doubts it was really me. Duane, too, thought the call might have been yet another example of someone's idiotic concept of humor. But they decided they couldn't risk not investigating. They set out for Heber, thirty-three miles away.
"Lights suddenly shone into the phone booth. Relief flooded over me when I raised my head and saw the headlights of Duane's pickup. Duane and Grant got out and came to where I was still slumped in the phone booth. Duane opened the glass door of the booth and helped me to my feet. "Am I ever glad to see you!" Grant said. Duane helped me into the warm truck and asked Grant to drive. On the way to Snowflake I tried to tell them about what happened to me, but I just couldn't get it all out.
"They were awful; white skin; great big eyes...I sobbed in horror. Take it easy, Travis, you're all right now. They didn't harm you, did they? No . . . but those eyes, those horrible eyes! They just kept looking at me! Just so you're okay, that's all that counts, Duane said. Everyone has been worried sick about you. If it's already after midnight, I must have been unconscious for a couple of hours, I replied shakily. Because I only remember about an hour or an hour and a half inside that thing."
Duane and Grant looked at me strangely. "Travis, feel your face," Duane said.
"Good heavens, I just shaved this morning and it feels like a week's growth!" I exclaimed, still not comprehending.
"Travis, Duane said gently, You've been missing for five days!"
After Travis was found, the first consideration of family and friends was his health. Only a few bruises and scrapes marred him physically. His mental condition? That was a different story. Travis' older brother Duane tried to protect him, and handle the authorities, but was ill-equipped for what was to come. UFO research groups descended on the family, local and state police were hungry for some answers. Profiteers, racketeers, freaks, debunkers, and skeptics all wanted a piece of Travis and his story.
Already angry at thinking they had been hoodwinked, they couldn't wait to say "I told you so," "I knew it was a hoax," "They were all a bunch of loons." Was this another fraudulent, stupid story of "little green men"? The collusion of National Enquirer and APRO would have an adverse effect on the case. Did they care whether or not the story was real? Or were they interested only in selling papers? The research group APRO had a reputation of being a fair and open-minded organization, but were not able to investigate all UFO reports.
They had to be choosy, and look into the most credible cases only. Not especially overflowing with financial backing, they were put into the position of having to rely on The National Enquirer bankrolling the investigation in exchange for the exclusive rights to publishing it.
Rushing Travis to a lie-detector test was a mistake. Still in a state of mental confusion, he was unsure exactly what had happened. He only recalled bits and pieces of information at first, but in time his memory slowly returned. Travis' first lie-detector test showed deception. Subsequently he would pass 12 others, one as late as 1993, some 18 years after the fact. It would seem incredibly strange that 5 witnesses of an event would pass an examination, with 1 inconclusive, and the victim of the event itself fail. It should be noted that all of the witnesses subsequently passed all lie-detector tests given them.
It was also reported that one of the crewmen was offered $10,000.00 to say the whole case was fabricated. Though certainly tempted by the huge sum of money, he stuck to his original assertion. The Dalis test was also tainted by the fact that he was allegedly wanted for questioning relating to a crime, and also had some family problems unresolved, like a fairly large sum of back child support. His name in the papers would most assuredly alert searching family members and authorities to his whereabouts.
In my own research for these articles, I have searched through literally hundreds of reports, both pro and con. It is amazing that even some of the larger, more reputable movie and book review sites (not naming names), don't even have some of the basic facts of the case correct. I have seen different numbers of crewmen listed, anywhere from 3-7, when the actual police report lists all 7 men (including Walton) with their names, addresses, etc. This is only one area of misinformation. Taking into account all of the information available at this time, there are some facts of the case which are irrefutable;
1) Despite allegations of a hoax by many, NO ONE has brought forth any proof to substantiate their claims.
2) Despite a massive search by approximately 50 volunteers aided by dogs and helicopters, NO physical trace of Travis Walton was found during the 5 days of his disappearance.
3) During the 25 years since the case began, not ONE person has brought forth any information indicating where Travis was, or even alleged a possible sighting of him during the five days.
4) Law enforcement officials, though claiming hoax all the while, never presented ANY evidence to put a dent in one of the crewmen's statements, which remain the same to this day.
5) From a theoretical standpoint, it is highly unlikely that 7 men, common everyday working men, could put together an elaborate hoax, pass lie-detector tests, stand up to questioning, and stick to the same incredible story for a quarter of a century, without a break. The stress of the investigation caused personal problems among the men, yet they still stuck to their stories.
6) Though Walton did receive money for his story, it was not until many years later that he gained financially from it. Reviewing all the facts presented to date, it is also advisable to mention that it is easier to prove that something happened, than to prove that it didn't. It is also very easy to simply yell "Hoax," without tenable proof.
However, in the shadow of all of the crewmen's statements to date, it is fair to say that something very extraordinary and unusual did happen on November 5th, 1975 in the remote forests of Arizona. The Travis Walton Story, "Fire In The Sky," remains one of the most intriguing reports of UFO abduction today.
"It was many years ago that I got out of a crew truck in the national forest and ran toward a large glowing UFO hovering in the darkening Arizona sky. But when I made that fateful choice to leave the truck, I was leaving behind more than just my six fellow workmen. I was leaving behind forever all semblance of a normal life, running headlong toward an experience so overwhelmingly mind-rending in it's effects, so devastating in its aftermath, that my life would never - could never - be the same again." (Travis Walton)
(B J Booth)

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The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction
UFO-Depiction When I was but a young boy, the only time anyone talked about flying saucers was after watching a movie about them, or seeing an episode of Twilight Zone, or Science Fiction Theater. Then one morning, I was scanning over our local newspaper, and noticed about three pages deep this heading, "New Hampshire Couple Encounters UFO."
Well, needless to say, I was intrigued. In our small town paper, you just didn't see things on this type of subject.
As I began to read the article, I was astounded to see that these two people claimed to have been abducted by aliens, and taken inside the ship!
Well, that was enough for me to think, "What is this, some kind of joke?"
I thought I had heard the last of it, but I had not.
Soon, this story became an international one, and even today, is still considered one of the most believable, and certainly most researched UFO cases, except for maybe the Roswell incident. One thing about this whole subject that seems odd to me, is that it is considered within the realm of possibility that someone could see a UFO, but for someone to be taken aboard one, NO WAY.
In 1961, Barney Hill was a 39-year-old black man who worked for the US Postal Service. His wife Betty was a 41-year-old white woman, who owned a Master's Degree, and was the supervisor for the child welfare department.
The fact that the Hills were an interracial couple has been given weight by some who state that Barney was suffering stress in dealing with some public ridicule about the black and white union, which was not nearly as readily accepted in the early 1960s as it is today.
In my research into Mr. Hill's life, I can't find any reason for his stress being the cause of telling such an incredible story. What ensued after the couple went public with their story was much more stressful to him than any anti-racial remarks he may have encountered.
The story of Betty and Barney Hill begins in September 1961, in the state of New Hampshire. Barney had recently developed an ulcer, and he and his wife Betty decided to take a short vacation to Canada. The couple had visited Niagara Falls, and Montreal, and on the 19th of the month, they began their journey back home to Portsmouth.
The night was clear, with a crescent moon shining on the heavily wooded landscape that surrounded US Route 3 in the central part of New Hampshire.
At about a quarter past 10:00 PM, three miles south of the city of Lancaster, Barney noticed what appeared to be a bright star, or planet, which seemed to move erratically. Barney pointed this out to Betty, and they both began to keep track of the object.
The couple began to believe that they were watching a plane appear and disappear, as the movement of their vehicle caused the trees to come and go in obstructing their view. Later, Barney would state that he tried to convince himself that the object was a plane, but that Betty thought it to be something else - an unidentified craft of some kind.
As the two continued to the Flume, just north of North Woodstock, the object appeared to move in an odd way.
As they reached Indian Head, Barney actually stopped the car to have a look at the object with his binoculars. He saw multi-colored lights, and rows of windows on a flat-shaped object, which now seemed to be moving toward him.
As the object moved to within a hundred feet of him, he could see occupants inside. Frightened, he ran back to his car where Betty waited. They climbed inside and sped away. Soon, two hours of their lives would vanish into oblivion.

Betty and Barney Hill After resuming their journey home, they were not able to see the strange craft anymore. Oddly though, they heard a beeping sound. They then heard the beeping a second time, noticing that they were suddenly thirty-five miles farther down the road than a minute or two ago. They were now in Ashla.
The mood in the car was quiet as they proceeded home and went to bed. They both slept until the next afternoon. When Betty got up, she called her sister Janet, and told her what had happened. Janet told her to call nearby Pease Air Force Base, and report what she had seen.
Betty reported the incident, speaking to Major Paul W. Henderson, who told Betty; "The UFO was also confirmed by our radar." It is important to note at this point that Barney was against calling the sighting in to the base, hoping to keep it quiet.
At this time, neither Betty nor Barney recalled any abduction. Soon, however, Betty began having nightmarish dreams of her and her husband being taken aboard a craft of some kind, against their will. In a matter of weeks, two writers got wind of the story, and after interviewing the Hills, made an intensive log of the events of the night.
They discovered that there were two hours of unaccounted time in the Hill's story, even allowing for stops for the Hills, and breaks for their dog, who also had made the trip with them.
Another interesting note that I should interject here is that these "two writers," which are mentioned in almost every report of this incident, (and there are literally thousands of them), have not been named, or I cannot find their names.
However, the story is true, because their interview was attended by Major James MacDonald, a former Air Force Intelligence Officer.
Shortly after Betty began having these disturbing dreams, she wrote a letter to Major Donald Kehoe, who passed her information on to one Walter Webb, who was on the staff of the Hayden Planetarium. Webb, at the time, was a scientific advisor for the National Investigations Committee on Arial Phenomena (commonly referred to as NICAP). What he did with the report is unknown.
Dr. Benjamin Simon It was Major MacDonald who made the suggestion to the Hills that regressive hypnosis might account for the two hours of missing time. In the spring of 1962, the Hills contacted a psychiatrist about the hypnosis sessions, but decided to put it off for a time. All the while, Betty was still haunted by the dreams, and Barney's ulcer was worse, and he was again suffering from hypertension.
After dodging reporters, and doing some research on psychiatrists, the Hills made a decision to contact well-known Boston psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon, who was one of the most respected doctors in his field.
After a couple of initial interviews, Dr. Simon's preliminary diagnosis was "anxiety syndrome," relating to the incidents of the night of September 19, 1961. His next step was to find out what those events were.

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, Part 2
UFO-Depiction The method of treatment that Dr. Simon chose for the Hills was regressive hypnosis, which was meant to get to the source of their problem, whatever that may have been. He began the sessions on Barney, and then followed up with the same treatment for Betty. The process was slow, but after six months, it was Dr. Simon's expert opinion that the Hills had been abducted, and taken aboard an unknown flying craft on the night in question.
Anyone who is deeply interested in these sessions, can see transcripts of them in an excellent book on the entire Hill story, "The Interrupted Journey," written by award-winning investigative author John G. Fuller. The Hills' story was also included in a two-part article in "Look" magazine, and a movie, "The UFO Incident," a made-for-TV production. The movie was released in 1976, and starred Estelle Parsons as Betty, and James Earl Jones as Barney.
After the many sessions with Dr. Simon, the following details became evident. The Hills related that their car had stalled, and then the alien craft landed on the road in front of their vehicle, forming a kind of roadblock, hailing them down. They were taken into the craft, and given medical examinations by these aliens, and before being released, were ordered under hypnosis not to recount any of the details of their incident.
The entities were described by the Hills as "...bald-headed alien beings, about five foot tall, with greyish skin, pear shaped heads and slanting cat-like eyes."-- This was the very first mention in UFO folklore of the so-called "greys." The Hills were taken into separate rooms during their examinations. These "tests" involved both physical and mental procedures.
Movie Scene As part of these tests, skin, hair and nail samples were taken. Betty had a long needle inserted into her navel, and was told it was a pregnancy test. Under duress, Barney related that he had given a semen specimen. Betty stated that she was given a kind of book as a token of her visit, but this item was later taken back.
Another odd fact related under hypnosis was that the aliens seemed to have no conception of time, or of colors, whatever this may mean.
At one point, the aliens seemed surprised to find that Barney's teeth (dentures) could be removed and replaced. Betty asked one of her abductors where they were from, and in reply, she was shown a star map of sorts, which will be discussed in more detail later.
After these events, the Hills were taken back to their car, and the last thing they remembered was an orange glow disappearing into the night sky. It is very important to note that the Hills tried to keep these events out of the press, but unfortunately, an inaccurate version of the events was leaked to the press, after which, the Hills decided to come forward with the true events of the case.
Dr. Simon was under a great amount of pressure to release whatever information the Hills authorized about their case. This was considered prudent, not to exploit the story, but to stop speculation that the absence of a statement by him would seem to shed a negative light on the Hills' story. Simon concluded that the Hills were not fabricating their story.
He further stated that he there were several conclusions that could be reached. [1] "The experience actually happened, or, [2] some perceptive and illusory misinterpretations occurred in relationship to some real event." What the "real event" may be, I do not know.
As the facts of the Hills' case came to public knowledge, two notable, respectable professionals investigated the story, and made their conclusions. One was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was at the time, Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, and later to be an Air Force Consultant on Aerial Phenomena.
He eventually would create his own "Center For UFO studies." The other was Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist and the nation's only space scientist devoting full time to researching the UFO phenomenon.
Movie Scene As a consultant to Project Blue Book, Hynek later released the book, "The UFO Experience," in which he discussed the Hills' case. I will insert his own words here; "Under repeated hypnosis they independently revealed what had supposedly happened.
The two stories agreed in considerable detail, although neither Betty nor Barney was privy to what the other had said under hypnosis until much later.
Under hypnosis they stated that they had been taken separately aboard the craft, treated well by the occupants - rather as humans might treat experimental animals - and then released after having been given the hypnotic suggestion that they would remember nothing of that particular experience. The method of their release supposedly accounted for the amnesia, which was apparently broken only by counterhypnosis. 

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, Part 3
UFO-Depiction Dr. Stanton Friedman spent many long hours with the Hills, discussing the case, and being a nut and bolts man, issued this statement; "By no stretch of the imagination could anyone who knows them conclude that they were nuts," he emphasizes. The Hills had been interviewed and questioned by others scientists and investigators; some under hypnosis, and all are in agreement on one important fact. The Hills did NOT make their story up, and the events put forward are based upon some REAL event. Although Barney and Betty were in an interracial marriage, which unfortunately cast an unfavorable shadow on them, we must remember that Betty had a Master's Degree in social work, and Barney served on the governor of New Hampshire's Civil Rights Commission.
Both of them were well-respected by those who knew them or worked with them. What benefit they could have gained from such an elaborate hoax I cannot imagine.
Although many so-called abductees have lost their livelihoods because of their stories, the Hills did not, and remained involved in previous activities to the extent that the interruptions of what happened allowed them.
As I mentioned earlier, when Betty was aboard the craft, she stated she was shown a star map, and was asked by one of the humanoids, "Where are you on the map?" to which she shrugged and said, "I don't know."
There has been an immense amount of discussion about the so-called "star map," and a lot of its interpretation is up for grabs. A full understanding of astronomy would be required to study its plotting and try to find its pattern in a specific point in the skies. I am certainly not qualified to undertake this task, but I will tell you what I consider some of the more reasonable explanations by professionals.
The map that Betty says she was shown was a three-dimensional view with different size dots and lines on it.
UFO-Depiction I vividly recall at the time of this incident, that the fact that scientists could not find any constellation that fit its markings, put much doubt on the Hills claims. However, approximately 8 years thereafter, when more powerful telescopes came into use, several scientists claim to have found a match for this map.
Being intrigued with the mystery of the map, (which Betty drew from hypnosis), an Ohio schoolteacher and amateur astronomer Marjorie Fish became involved in the case in 1969. Wondering if the stars and planets on the map would match any known celestial objects, Fish got an interview with Betty Hill in the summer of 1969.
Barney Hill had died earlier the same year from a cerebral hemorrhage. After a lengthy discussion with Betty, Fish released the following statement:
"On Aug. 4, 1969, Betty Hill discussed the star map with me. Betty explained that she drew the map in 1964 under posthypnotic suggestion. It was to be drawn only if she could remember it accurately, and she was not to pay attention to what she was drawing - which puts it in the realm of automatic drawing.
This is a way of getting at repressed or forgotten material and can result in unusual accuracy. She made two erasures showing her conscious mind took control part of the time.
Betty described the map as three-dimensional, like looking through a window.
The stars were tinted and glowed. The map material was flat and thin (not a model), and there were no noticeable lenticular lines like one of our three-dimensional processes. (It sounds very much like a reflective hologram.)"
Betty did not shift her position while viewing it, so we cannot tell if it would give the same three-dimensional view from all positions or if it would be completely three-dimensional. Betty estimated the map was approximately three feet wide and two feet high with the pattern covering most of the map.
UFO-Depiction She was standing about three feet away from it. She said there were many other stars on the map but she only (apparently) was able to specifically recall the prominent ones connected by lines and a small distinctive triangle off to the left.
There was no concentration of stars to indicate the Milky Way (galactic plane) suggesting that if it represented reality, it probably only contained local stars. There were no grid lines."
Three stars in the clusters were unknown until 1969. No Astronomer on earth knew their position in 1963.
Yet Betty Hill drew a map of these stars in 1963. Before I conclude this article, I must point out that I am not one given to shallow evidence from one webpage or a supermarket tabloid.
I am simply taking the role of reporter here, and offer no opinion of my own. Everything included in this article has been confirmed by many investigators, scientists, psychiatrists, etc. I will leave you this one fact:
Astronomers at Ohio State University had a computer put them in their exact position out beyond the double star system of Zeta Reticuli 1 and Zeta Reticuli 2--220 trillion miles, 37 light years from earth, looking toward our sun. The computer duplicated with virtually no variation, the map of Betty Hill.
UFO-DepictionThe Betty and Barney Hill story is an intriguing one, to say the least.
Everyone privy to it's details is still in wonderment; still seeking answers. It is very difficult to believe that two sane people who were driving to their home, simultaneously had some illusion.
It is also difficult to believe that two well-liked and respected people would make up this story. To what end?
Certainly, they were not seeking public fame, it was about two years from the time of the incident until the time that the Hills made the facts known.
One important fact we must remember: NOT ONE of any of the professional people who had involvement in the case shed a negative light on the fact that something very unusual occurred that night in New Hampshire, or on the Hills personally.
author B. J. Booth
"The Interrupted Journey," John G. Fuller